Raw Mountain Heather Honey 250g
Raw Mountain Heather Honey 450g

Raw Mountain Heather Honey 250g/ 450g

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by Prisaca Fermecată


Heather honey is one of the most distinctive honeys of the world. A powerful, rich and delicious, pure mono-floral honey which is intensely aromatic and has sweet flavours of treacle, stout, caramel and toffee as well as being full of goodness. It is dense, pollen-rich and full of those famous, tiny natural air bubbles that characterise the perfect, exclusive heather honey and give it that soft, smooth, jelly like consistency and mouth feel.

The honey is produced by bees gathering nectar from the mountain heather of the Apuseni mountains, part of the Transylvanian Carpathians. It's not your typical honey and is perfect for those honey connoisseurs that want to benefit from a honey that is researched to be as if not more beneficial than the famous Manuka honey. 

This mountain heather honey is a certified mountain product and is produced by beekeeper Mihai Grama, who owns Prisaca Fermecată. This mountain heather honey is the product that he is most celebrated for! He is one of the most well known beekeepers in Romania. This is firstly due to the quality of his honey and secondly due to his determination to promote Romanian mountain products. He has over 170 bee families in the Gilău area of Apuseni and is one of the founding members of the 'Mountain Product Association'.

100% natural, cold extracted honey, that is unpasteurised, untreated and unheated free from additives to preserve all natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Please be aware that honey crystallises over time due to its high sugar content, this is nothing to worry about, in fact it's a sign of a natural, unprocessed product as only pure honey does this. If you wish to melt the crystals simply place in a bowl of warm water.

RO: Miere de Negruș/ Iarbă Neagră


Gilău, County Cluj, Romania (Apuseni Mountains)


Raw heather honey


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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