Păstrăvăria Salmontana

Păstrăvăria Salmontana


Păstrăvăria Salmontana is located in the centre of Prejmer, Brașov County 100m from the medieval citadel. It was founded in 1936 with the main purpose of breeding trout, to provide trout for local trout farms in the area. Unfortunately, it was abandoned after the revolution but since 1996 the Salmontana trout fishery has become a family business continuing to supply trout for restocking as well as trout for consumption.


Salmontana raise naturally grown trout in spring water on their trout farm that are fed with premium feed, the quality of the trout meat is superb. They have their own processing unit which processes only trout grown on their farm. The biggest asset that their trout have is the water, which is obtained from a spring located within the premises of the trout farm. The water is certified drinking water and maintains a constant temperature of 12 degrees  through the summer and winter, which gives them the opportunity to deliver all year round. 


They currently produce fish speciality products which are 100% natural without additives or enhancers. The product they are most proud of is their smoked trout, where they manage to successfully combine the fine smoke aroma with the perfect taste of trout grown in spring water. You can sample this delicacy in their smoked trout zacuscă which we have available.