Remediu Plant

Remediu Plant


Remediu Plant is a company, whose history began to be written 40 years ago, in the Apuseni mountains, more precisely in the village of Poienii de Jos. The elders, who laid the foundations of the family business, identified which are the miraculous plants, which combinations can be made from them for the best results but also which quantities are needed for the perfect formula of treating various ailments.


With love and experience in the field, the Remediu Plant team produces tinctures, teas, syrup and creams to help treat various health problems. The recipes of these natural remedies dates back almost half a century, but the hundreds of years of work carried out by their ancestors in discovering these remedies and passed down information from generation to generation should not be neglected.


Grandmother Elisabeta, aged 81, tells of how she herself, as a child, was initiated by her parents and grandparents to collect medicinal plants, which she also passed on to her children and then grandchildren. One of her grandsons, Ionut Tirban, specialised in the field of phtotherapy in order to be ale to pass on the valuable secrets of natural remedies. Hence, in 2003, Remediu Plant began and the certified medicinal tinctures began to be distributed throughout the country.