Măr de Bran

Măr de Bran


'Măr de Bran' means the Apple of Bran... Măr de Bran is a passion project that encourages the simplicity of centuries worth of tradition and the authentic flavours of a truly natural product. Two friends who united their knowledge from the business and agro-tourism environment to lay the foundations of a local business. They gathered tips, inspiration and ideas from various artisan producers of apple juice and cider from England & France, which made them see the potential of a Romanian organic, quality product. Since 2011, they have been pressing apples from the Bran area and bottling the taste of mountain vacations.

The farm is located in the Rucăr-Bran corridor, between the Bucegi mountains and Piatra Craiului, in Transylvania - a place of customs & traditions. Everything here is as nature intended... the apples redden only at the touch of the rain and sun. 


The farm processes natural juice, entirely from organic apples. Quality is their priority and they only use apples from local varieties (a combination of Renet, Gustav, Pătul and others - the recipe is a secret!) and from orchards that are not chemically treated. Organic & naturally ripened, the apples keep their sweet & sour aroma that gives the unique taste of Măr de Bran apple juice, the taste that they call 'holiday'. From the very beginning, they wanted Măr de Bran to be rooted in the local community. Through the way they produce their apple juice and by promoting organic farming, they value sustainable practices and support the local economy by employing only local people and buy apples from their neighbours orchards.


The beauty of nature, the traditions and authenticity of the spirit of the place have made the hills of Bran a rich source of inspiration for Măr de Bran. Since 2011, they have been guided by this to make Măr de Bran products an experience for those who taste them.

It all happens in the autumn, in 2 extremely demanding weeks when they press apples that have been freshly picked, that are full of nutrients and at their most complex flavour. After sorting and washing the apples, they are chopped and passed through a press where the fresh apple juice is produced.

To make the organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, the apple juice is left in barrels in the cellar, where the temperature remains constant throughout the year. This factor ensures controlled fermentation of the juice that naturally turns into cider, creating the most delicious organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.