Onkar Nature

Onkar Nature


Alina and Cristina, sisters, friends and now business partners in this project, created Onkar Nature. 

Why 'Onkar'? According to ancient yogic scriptures, everything in the universe is created from vibrations. It has been scientifically proven that the vibration that makes up matter and energy, generates different types of sounds. These sounds are very helpful in the healing processes of the human body. Onkar has a special sound and vibration to connect energy to the frequency of the earth, to focus our intentions and create and energy field. Onkar is also a symbol which means"the only supreme reality".

'Nature' represents their care for nature. Beeswax candles strengthen the connection with the healing power of nature, giving them a special spiritual resonance.


Onkar Nature create a stunning range of hand rolled or hand cast pure beeswax candles with a natural, golden colour and an ecological cotton wick. Made from 100% natural beeswax obtained from pristine Transylvanian bee hives.


These beautiful beeswax candles are ecological and natural. They do not contain any paraffin, dyes or synthetic perfumes. Beeswax candles can be recommended for people with allergies or asthma. They contain anti-bacterial properties that contribute to maintaining clean and pure air. They burn cleanly, producing negative ions that attract dust particles, impurities , bacteria and allergens from the room. These candles also have longer burning time and a pleasant sweet smell of beeswax and honey. We hope you get the chance to enjoy them.