De la buna Romanita

De la buna Romanita


De la buna Romanița are located in Mureșului Valley, Hunedoara County, Tranyslvania. They are experts in the making of traditional Romanian style noodles known as 'Lașcă'. The term lașcă, used in this particular region, varies depending on the area of origin of the noodles - known as 'locse' in the Pădurenilor area and 'lăscuțe' in Țara Moților. These noodles are made after a traditional recipe, passed on from generation to generation and named after 'bunica Romana' (grandma Romana).


Lașcă, often form part of the traditional menu at family events such as weddings & christenings. One of the most popular dishes being 'supă de lașcă' which is a traditional clear soup with noodles, also regularly served on a Sunday. The noodles are prepared by housewives in nearly every household in the Hunedoara countryside, made with flour and eggs from chickens in their own courtyards... truly free range.


The only ingredients used are white wheat flour, free range eggs (from hens raised in their own household) & salt. Completely natural and free from all additives. The dough is prepared on a wooden board and battered by hand until it thickens. The dough is then rolled twice, first using a rolling pin and secondly being rolled through a manual noodle machine. It is then left to dry. Next, the rolled dough is cut into noodles and left to dry on cotton towels, being fluffed occasionally by hand. These small batch, handmade noddles have a different colour and texture to those made industrially. This difference is due to the diet of the hens, the way they are hand processed and the natural air drying.


These 'lașcă' noodles are a licensed traditional product on the Romanian National Register of Traditional Products. Traditionally in Romania they are used in both sweet & savoury dishes from soups & stews to desserts with milk, walnuts and sweet cheese.