Ulei Șomcuta


      Ulei Șomcuta are producers of naturally decanted, unfiltered, cold pressed oils in Șomcuta Mare, Maramureș. They are a family collaboration that work with love on every product that reaches their customers. Their business is guided by respect, honesty and quality products and they aim to grow, to highlight their small, beautiful and natural family brand... to make it possible for as many people as possible to taste, enjoy, rejuvenate and fill themselves with the energy of cold pressed oils from Șomcuta Mare.


      Ulei Șomcuta produce & market 100% natural cold pressed oils, from unroasted, shelled seeds that are purchased from local farmers to support the local agriculture and to revive certain crops. 

      THE PRODUCE...

      The oils are naturally decanted, unfiltered, cold pressed oils. Ulei Șomcuta strive for their products to be as close as possible to the way that nature offers them. After pressing the seeds, the crude oil is left to decant (clarify) naturally in special basins. The decanting takes between one to three weeks, but the taste is certainly worth it and so are the benefits of the oils - almost all of the nutritional values are preserved during the process. The oils are only produced in small quantities, to ensure that they are always fresh and the taste is maximised.