Jam Collection


First things first let us explain that this small, simple word JAM divides into many words in Romania to categorise their collection of delicious fruit preserves, some of which simply don’t exist in the UK… Depending on the fruit you may find dulceață, gem, marmaladă, peltea, pastă or magiun. 
Let’s talk Dulceață as it is definitely the queen of the Romanian jams. This traditional jam is most often made with whole fruits that are boiled in a syrup, the appearance of the dulceață is often just as important as the taste, the point is to have a glossy, runny syrup with intact fruit pieces inside. Some favourites include cherry, strawberry, bilberry, quince and even the rare and forgotten green walnut. Traditionally dulceață was offered offered to guests when they visited your home, but pure & simply straight from a spoon with a coffee, not spread on bread or anything else that would detract from their perfection!