Sunday Bites

Sunday Bites


Sunday Bites was founded by Anca & Alex with the aim to bring people a piece of the weekend at any time of the day. To start your morning with a quick and healthy breakfast that includes a nutritious and delicious nut butter. 


They produce 100% natural nut butters, made purely from nuts with some additions of dates, honey & cocoa but nothing more! No preservatives, emulsifiers, salt, sugar or added oils, as well as being environmentally packed in glass jars perfect for recycling.

The butters are made in their Sunday Bites factory in Răsnov, Brasov County, where they take care of the entire production process from washing, sanitising & labelling jars to the preparation and packing of the butter itself. They produce the nut butters only in small & dense batches to ensure the jars reach their customers as fresh as possible.


In addition to classic smooth & crunchy peanut butter, Sunday Bites also produce cashew butter, almond & date butter, hazelnut & honey butter and a hazelnut, date & cocoa butter. The products are sweetened only with natural ingredients such as dates & honey, no other sugars, salts or oils are added to the natural butters.

Let's talk about some benefit of eating peanut butter... nut butters are an extremely effective source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They contain a high amount of vitamin E with a strong antioxidant role, magnesium helps to strengthen the bones, potassium is used as a source of energy to the muscles, Vitamin B6 strengthens immunity. All of these ingredients combined can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes & other chronic dieseases. At the same time because peanut butter is very rich in protein, it can increase muscle mass and provide sustained energy! WOW.