'HEBE' Sea Buckthorn & Honey Face Cream 40g

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Hebe Cosmetic is a completely new product in terms of composition, method, obtaining and method of use. The cream formula is composed of simply organic sea buckthorn and honey, creating a perfect balance between natural ingredients.

Thanks to a unique preservation technique, the whole sea buckthorn fruit is included in the formula, not just the oil as in many cosmetic products. This approach allows for all the vitamins and antioxidants present in the fruit to be kept intact, therefore exploiting the fruits full potential.

Another essential aspect of this cream is the fermentation process to which the composition is subjected. This process activates and greatly multiplies valuable biological compounds. Without this step, many of the beneficial sea buckthorn molecules could not be absorbed by the skin due to their larger size. Through fermentation, they shrink and penetrate the skin in much greater numbers, significantly amplifying the benefits.


People who have used this face cream have experienced:

  • Intense & long lasting hydration, essential for maintaining skin health
  • Visibly smoother & softer skin
  • An effective treatment for dry skin, restoring its natural balance
  • Restoration of brightness & vitality of the skin
  • Overall younger & healthier looking skin


  1. Take a little cream with your fingertip
  2. Wet your hands with a little water
  3. Spread the cream between wet palms, until its consistency becomes liquid
  4. Apply to clean skin in desired areas
  5. The cream will quickly penetrate the skin
  6. If you find that you skin remains sticky after application, then you need to use less cream or re-moisten the area with water and spread well onto the skin
RO: Cremă de față cu cătină și miere


Vernești, Buzău County, Romania


Organic whole sea buckthorn fruit 50%, organic Romanian acacia honey 50%


Store at room temperature (ideally 18 - 24 degrees)

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