Măr de Rai


      Măr de Rai, which translates to apple of heaven are one of the largest local producers of apple juice and vinegar. They set out with an ambitious mission: to create the best apple products and continue to honour the local tradition. Their story comes to life day by day in the soul of Transylvania and began 10 years ago in the hills of Batoș, Mureș County, a commune famous for its orchards of fruit trees.


      Măr de Rai believe in creating high quality products that are nutritious and natural without any added sugar, preservatives or dyes. Due to the fact that the area is famous for its apple trees but also because they want to support the activity of producers in the area, Măr de Rai use only apples from the orchards of farmers in Batoș.

      THE PRODUCE...

      This is how they ensure that their products are as tasty as those from your grandma's pantry. They choose apples with care and love to create new tastes whilst maintaining strictly high production standards. When you try the products of Măr de Rai you will discover the real taste of the Batoș apple and this is what the company strive for, to bring this taste to your tables at home.