Primitiv Foods



      Christina & Mihai created Primitiv Foods. They were both born in quiet places close to nature. After trying to give the big city a chance, they decided it wasn't for them. In a bid to escape the crowds and polluted air they returned home to the Buzau Valley. Their aim was to use their hands to create a fair, healthy product that would bring some peace to the people of the city. A product that would proudly represent the Buzau Valley. From this Primitiv Foods as born.


      In 2014 came the idea of producing creamed honeys with natural ingredients. They started with a few beehives and learnt what patience and working in peace means. They use honey purely, as it is given to us by nature, now referred to as raw honey meaning completely untreated thermally and chemically. They call it 'righteous honey'. The key principles of the products were to be healthy, tasty and to complement the aroma of the 'righteous honey'. The creamed honeys are mixed cold, so that the final product retains all the taste and qualities of the honey, dried fruits and nuts.

      THE RANGE...

      Primitiv Foods now have a range of 8 creamed honeys combined with walnut, pistachio, coconut, sea buckthorn & pollen, hazelnut & carob, hazelnut, gooseberry and chokeberry. They pride themselves on being small producers, who can ensure the quality and healthiness of their products because they are produced in controlled and limited quantities with respect for the consumer.